Is This The End?

“Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.” Hebrews 11:1

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We have been hearing a lot about “the talk” these days. There is an erupting of unrest through-out the country. It is bringing up old wounds and exposing an under-lying current of hurt and feelings of discrimination that has been, not only in this nation, but through-out the world, for decades, unrecognized by many—some by choice. Because of this, fathers of black Americans have had “the talk” with their sons. “This is what you must be aware of out there in the world. Be on your guard. Mind your “P’s and Q’s,” they said. How sad! Many have not felt free to live up to their potential. It is sad for the individual and sad for the nation.

However, in the midst of all this chaos there is one uniting factor that many have overlooked. Jesus was telling His disciples about it when He was having “the talk” with them. He told them about the evils of the world and that right now they were depending upon Him to protect them, but in a little while He would be leaving them. Can you imagine how they must have felt?

Jesus had called them to come to Him, and having called them He gave them power to follow Him and learn from Him. He gave them His glory, as well. (Romans 8:30) Nothing could separate them from the love of God. He told them He was going to send them the Advocate to help them through the rough patches. (John 15:26)

So Jesus’ leaving was not the end for the disciples—it was the beginning. You and I have the same promises today. There are things we cannot see, but with faith we can believe. We can have confidence that what God’s Word tells us is true. In fact, it is the only truth that lives forever! The Holy Spirit is alive and active even in the midst of chaos. He can even defeat the evil virus that lurks yet none can see. He can even make it so those fathers do not have to have “the talk” with their sons.

Even if this is the end of life as we have known it, it is the beginning of forever for those who have faith and believe. The hope of new life in Christ gives you confidence and, therefore, victory over evil. In the end, we will all come to understand that when God said,

“Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us,” (Genesis 1:26) He didn’t specify color, race, or creed, but ALL human beings. There is only one race—the human race!

Let us open the eyes of our heart and see the beauty of what God has planned for His children. We are like a beautiful bouquet of many colored flowers. We all live and breathe the same air and drink the same water. Let us live in the peace of the living Lord and the love of God and the comfort of the Holy Spirit.

Let us pray—Dear Lord, let there be peace on earth, the peace that was meant to be. To You be all honor and glory. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. Amen

Further reading

John 16:33   John 14:27   Romans 5:1   I John 5:4

Published by

Betty Beach-Connell

Retired UM pastor now author. I have published 2 books--Embracing The Call (God will take you to places you never imagined) and Through the Storm ("Medications" for the soul). You may visit and read more about me on my web site

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