A World War

man kneeling in front of cross


“Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” Matthew 7:15

There is no easy way to say this: World War III is upon us! In fact, it may have even started, and we go along living our lives as though there is no tomorrow and all is rosy. The fact is we are living as a horse with blinders on, all we can see is what is straight ahead and do not see what is sneaking up beside us.

Be careful at what you allow your eyes to see and your ears to hear. Test everything by the word of God. Do not let your emotions take over your heart. What feels good is not necessarily good. The Devil disguises himself. He looks like a sheep, but is actually a wolf, his intentions are to separate you from the One who can save you from a life of suffering. I’m sure you have heard; the way to destruction is filled with good intentions.

Almost every day, my husband and I sit in our Florida room in the mornings while having our coffee, and we look out at the pond that lies out behind our home. We see all kinds of wild-life. It is amazing to watch them, each one, in their own kind of beauty, are doing what God has created them to do.

The Great Blue Heron walks majestically looking for its prey; the Anhinga pops up out of the water and flips a fish that it swallows and when it is done “fishing” climbs up on the shore and spreads its wings to dry them. There are ducks, the Black-Capped Night Heron, the huge Sandhill Cranes, and of course, the squirrels. Each of these build their “home” and try to survive among the many dangers that threaten their lives.

Among those dangers is the Alligator that threatens all the life around him. We see him floating “innocently” across the water. He swims toward the shore and when he gets there, he allows just his head and eyes to show above the water. He watches and waits for his next meal to devour. He is very patient, and if he finds nothing, he swims to another spot. He knows that sooner or later some careless, unsuspecting, creature will become his next meal.

The Alligator represents the Devil that roams the earth in search of his next meal that will serve to inflate his already overly inflated ego. He presents himself as the harmless one who speaks the words that will puff up your sense of being, making you believe that you have the “world by its tail,” when in truth it has you! Beware and be on the look-out for false truths. The thief—the Devil—can only kill and destroy, but Jesus came that you could have life and have it abundantly.

So, my friends, be aware, but do not be afraid. You can be victorious in this life by reading God’s Word and transforming it to your life. Allow the Lord of life into your heart that you may follow His commands and live a life of love. Yes, even your enemies! For living in the confines of God’s love is the only way to win the war. Do not allow yourselves to be separated from your Creator and Sustainer of life, for He has already won the victory and wants you to be victorious with Him.


Dear Heavenly Father, I see You coming in the clouds—I want to be right there behind You—help me, O Lord. In Jesus’ name I pray. AMEN

Further reading

John 8:44   Matthew 13:38   2 Cor. 11:13   Jude 6   John 10:10/6:63

2 Peter 2:1   Romans 8:2

Published by

Betty Beach-Connell

Retired UM pastor now author. I have published 2 books--Embracing The Call (God will take you to places you never imagined) and Through the Storm ("Medications" for the soul). You may visit and read more about me on my web site RevBetty.com.

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