Spend Time


“… apart from me you ca do nothing.” John 15: 5 c

There are 24 hours in a day—60 minutes in an hour—and 60 seconds in a minute. Seven of those 24 hours make up a week and 52 weeks make a year. I have lived 80 of those years that are made up of 52 weeks each which equals 4,160 weeks, 29,120 days, and 1,747,200 minutes. Wow! That is a lot of time! How much of it have I spent with the Lord?

Just like you, I imagine, I have spent multiple hours on myself, and the rest of the time on my family. In those years I probably spent zero time with the Lord. But, looking back He has spent ALL of His time with me. There is no other explanation for the fact that I have lived 8 decades. When it is put like that it is a  l-o-o-o-n-g time!!!

God’s total purpose in sticking it out with me—and you—was to bring us to a place where He could make us hear His call upon our heart. When that happened to me—in the middle of my third decade—it was the moment I was set free and realized I no longer had to carry the heavy burdens all by myself. Jesus came into my heart and forgave me of all the time I had stolen from him. I began anew. He was doing a new thing with my life—things that I never thought possible. I could not make up the time I had lost with Him, but I could, and I did, spend time every day in His presence. You may read the whole story in my book entitled, “Embracing the Call”—God can lead you to places you never imagined.

All of this is to say, God longs for you to spend time with Him—quality time—not just give Him a lick and a promise, but just 5 minutes of your time is worth an eternity with Him. For as the Psalmist writes, “…a thousand years in your sight are like yesterday when it is past…” (90:4) And the writer of Hebrews writes, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)

We have divided up the time that has been allotted to us by our Creator, in such a way that is meaningless to Him. And by doing so, it has become a stumbling block to our peace. I encourage you to give every moment of every day to the worship of our Lord. Include Him in everything that you do, every step you take, and every word you utter. A new day has begun! When you do you are in Christ and have become a new creation. The old has passed away and everything—EVERYTHING—has become new. (2 Corinthians 5:17) God has begun a new thing. Do you not perceive it? (Isaiah 43:19, 19) Spending time with God and His Word is never wasted.


Dear Lord, I want to recognize Your presence every moment of every day. Walk with me. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN


John 15:4, 5   Deuteronomy 4:9   Luke 12:34


Published by

Betty Beach-Connell

Retired UM pastor now author. I have published 2 books--Embracing The Call (God will take you to places you never imagined) and Through the Storm ("Medications" for the soul). You may visit and read more about me on my web site RevBetty.com.

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