The First Days

“She gave birth to her first child a son.” Luke 2:7

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This is the first day of the rest of your life. We have changed the calendar and have begun a new year. I wonder what this “New Year” will hold for you and me. How have we prepared for whatever is to come?

Do you remember the feeling of holding your first child? All your hopes and dreams were wrapped up in that little bundle of joy. There were no thoughts of any harm coming to your baby or to you as a family—it was just a moment of joy. The struggle of the birthing process was over and now there was just a sigh of contentment and a look of love.

The same was true of Mary as she held her baby son in her arms. All she wanted to do was love and protect him. But, one day he would grow up and have to face the world on his own. However, meanwhile, she would give him a good home and teach him, by her example, how to live in relationship to God and one another.

O, I know Jesus was divine as well as human, and already knew all things; but, don’t you think this is not only about this Holy family, but also about us? Is it not something we should incorporate into our own lives; should we not bring our children up with love and respect—teaching them by our example how to live in a loving relationship with God and one another?

I know that one day, the baby you held in your arms, and felt their warm body next to yours, will grow into an independent person. But on that day, he/she will remember the good things you taught them. They may seem to forget for a while, but deep down inside the Holy Spirit is stirring and at the right moment goodness will emerge. At this time, every mother and father must pray for God to show them the way. For no matter what happens, God will be there with your child.

This is the first day of your life. Where you go from here is your choice. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15) I hope and pray that you will, too.

Dear Lord, in these first three days of the New Year help me to discover who You have called me to be. Who am I, Lord? Show me. In Jesus’ name I pray. AMEN

Further reading: Luke 2:7,21,2,28,34,36,38,39,40,42-43,45-46,51-52


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Betty Beach-Connell

Retired UM pastor now author. I have published 2 books--Embracing The Call (God will take you to places you never imagined) and Through the Storm ("Medications" for the soul). You may visit and read more about me on my web site

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